13 Jul, 2024
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Egyptians were outraged by letting a black actress play Queen Cleopatra

African Queens is a historical documentary series produced by Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of actor Will Smith. Season 1 airing in 2022 explores Angola’s warrior queen Njinga through expert interviews and reenactments. Following its success, on April 12, the film released the second season trailer, with the central character being Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt. […]

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The race between smartphones and computers: will the little guy replace the big brother?

If you’re wondering whether the next piece of technology you spend money on should be a smartphone or a computer, perhaps the answer at the present time is a smartphone. How are smartphones better than computers? Smartphones are very similar to computers in many different ways. The first advantage of smartphones over computers is that […]

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Explore Intel’s new Foveros architecture: Combining both Atom and Core cores in one chip

Intel confirmed that it is working on a discrete graphics solution for client computers, which will launch in 2020. However, that is not all that Intel is working on. During the Architecture Day event that took place a few days ago, the company presented its long-term architectural plans. It’s an ambitious goal, and Intel believes […]

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Ms. Tan Vlog was criticized for being `light` on the Comedian Challenge Gala and refused to receive the program’s prize money

Ms. Tan Vlog is probably a name that is no longer strange to all of us. Appearing on Gala night, Ms. Tan no longer wore her familiar polka dot shirt, but the scripts and skits she brought were considered very old and bland. However, what surprised everyone was that when MC Tran Thanh presented the […]

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The bitter end of the love story: Mystic revealed the reason for the divorce, criticized his ex-wife and announced that he would take custody of the children

A few hours ago, JD Gaming announced the separation of player couple LokeN and Mystic. Speaking briefly about Yuka, besides being Mystic’s ex-wife, she also attracted attention as the first female idol in the history of Korean entertainment to have a child before debuting, even publicly revealing her child’s image. After JDG’s announcement, Mystic also […]

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10 top games that prove video games are worthy of being the 8th art of humanity (P2)

10 top games that prove video games are worthy of being the 8th art of humanity (P1) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Overcoming the shadow of previous versions, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt brings a new level with the extremely advanced REDengine 3 development tool. Participating in this game, sometimes you can temporarily ignore the […]

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ESL applies a series of strong measures to… the audience, determined to bring fairness to CS:GO

Since its inception until now, CS:GO (and its predecessors such as CS 1.6 or C:S) has always been a game with fast, intense match speed and many highlight moments in the game. Besides the quality highlights from the players, the bursting emotions of the audience are also what create great moments. A classy highlight or […]

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Super rare diamond at a depth of 660 km reveals secrets that shock scientists

Due to the limitations of technology, humans still cannot fully understand the world deep beneath the surface of our planet. Scientists have long thought that as the upper mantle transitions to the hotter, denser lower mantle, minerals can hold much less water. However, the discovery of ‘messengers’ located at a depth of hundreds of kilometers […]