13 Jul, 2024
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Confidently showing off photos of her bare face, a hot girl with nearly 6 million followers makes netizens cry: `Please stop scaring me`

It can be said that hot girls are often defined as girls with beautiful faces, more special than others. And that is exactly the story of Xing Xiaoyao, a hot girl from Shanghai and has a number of followers on Instagram of up to 5.6 million people. But that’s just a `corner` of Hieu Dao’s […]

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ADC Ruler is a rare player who has experienced all the results at the World Finals

World Finals 2022¬†(World Championship 2022) will be a very special tournament for the League of Legends¬†(League of Legends) community. The 2022 World Finals is near the official start date At Worlds 2022, there are many teams that have won the throne in this tournament as well as won MSI tournaments – another international tournament of […]

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The most fun and entertaining games on Steam over the past 10 years (Part 1)

Gang Beasts Genre: Fighting, comedy Gang Beasts is a rather strange action-adventure game with bizarre team fights. Gang Beasts is a great choice when you need entertainment. Portal 2 Genre: Puzzle Portal 2, this is a puzzle game from an FPS perspective developed by Valve after the unexpected success of the first version, launched in […]

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Back in time: the failure of the `big guys` in the PC industry when entering the smartphone market

Apple’s predecessor was a company that only produced computers, but now smartphones have become its main source of revenue. HP is the largest PC manufacturer in the world and was even quite successful in the mobile market with its old iPAQ Pocket PC products. Dell is also a huge computer manufacturer, but their story in […]

2 mins read

Strange, poisonous meat-eating dinosaurs

Velociraptor Velociraptor is perhaps one of the most famous – and most misunderstood – of the dromaeosaurs. First described in 1924 by famous paleontologist Henry Fairfield Osborn (according to the UK’s Natural History Museum), Velociraptors were quite modest in size and weighed only about 45kg. Velociraptors also have extremely sharp senses of smell and vision, […]

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Bored of ‘rabbit ears’ and ‘water drops’, choose these 5 smartphones with flawless screens to play games.

The smartphone market in recent years has been filled with products with ‘rabbit ears’ or ‘holes’ on the screen, a step on the path towards a screen design that covers all the edges on the front. These types of smartphones not only give us a more seamless design, but also help the experience of playing […]

4 mins read

A 20-year-old hacker shares how to attack a series of famous Twitter accounts

The plot to attack the Twitter accounts of political, cultural figures or large corporations last week began with a joking message between two hackers on Tuesday night on Discord. A user with the account name `Kirk` shares that he has the ability to hijack famous Twitter accounts with his friends – something that can only […]