12 Jul, 2024
2 mins read

What will happen to humans if all animals become extinct?

The Earth’s biosphere is a tight system. Animal extinction is not a new ecological phenomenon. However, extinction is a real danger that threatens many living animal species. Climate change (according to the US Geological Survey) includes not only global warming but also increased droughts and natural disasters. The US Council on Foreign Relations reports that […]

2 mins read

Chinese billionaire holds press conference to talk about famous lovers

HK01 recently reported that billionaire Luu Loan Hung held a press conference to clarify many information related to his relationship with famous beauties in the Hong Kong entertainment industry such as Ly Gia Han, Quan Chi Lam, and Thai Thieu Phan. According to HK01, Luu Loan Hung is the founder of the Chinese Estates empire […]

1 min read

Truth Arena: 3 extremely strong main units that gamers should use to `rush rank` when season 5 is about to end

Tristana After being edited recently, Tristana is becoming an extremely powerful physical main unit at a price of 2 gold. In the current meta, you can choose two main builds when playing Tristana: 4 Devils or 4 Knights. Draven One of the reasons why Draven is becoming very strong at the present time is that […]

2 mins read

Lenovo L Series three monitors: rich choices for entertainment and work

With the trio of L Series L22e-20, LI2215s and L24i-10 monitors, Lenovo offers users great choices, ranging from individuals such as students to family businesses and medium offices. Lenovo L24i-10: Perfect balance between function and design As the most advanced model among the three Lenovo L series monitors, the L24i-10 has a size of 24`, […]

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Losing the LCK championship, T1 is at risk of falling into the group of death at Worlds 2021

With T1’s defeat against DWG KIA at the LCK Summer Finals 2021, the No. 1 and No. 2 seed positions of the LCK at Worlds 2021 have been determined. And indeed, losing the opportunity to compete for the number 1 seed position will bring many concerns for T1 in the upcoming World Championship journey, when […]

3 mins read

Embolotherium: Rhinoceros possess horns like those of scarab beetles

Fossils are important in helping people learn about the past. The five extinction events that occurred on Earth wiped out many species, but fortunately, the fossils of these species can help us learn about the vast history of life. This article will be about an ancient rhinoceros species called the now extinct Embolotherium, also known […]