How powerful will Ivanka Trump become as first daughter in the White House?
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How powerful will Ivanka Trump become as first daughter in the White House?

(Dan Tri) – Americans may have noticed Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of President-elect Donald Trump, but they may not have known: She could become the first stunt double in history.

Ivanka Trump is very close with her father Donald Trump (Photo: Getty)

With future First Lady Melania Trump planning to stay in New York for at least 6 months, President-elect Donald Trump’s eldest daughter will likely become a `stunt` for any role she plays.

“She was popular because she was very, very present,” said Carl Sferrazza Anthony, a historian of first ladies and first families at the National First Ladies Library in Canton, Ohio.

Americans are expected to see more of Ivanka as she stands by her father’s side as the most trusted family member and possibly the most powerful first daughter in decades.

“She will take on the stepmother’s position,” said David Patrick Columbia, a journalist and co-founder of, adding that Melania is “beautiful” but not articulate and confident.

Ivanka’s fans say Americans will like what they see in her: A young woman (35 years old), beautiful and graceful, well-educated;

Those who know Ivanka say Americans will appreciate her graceful and calm public presence, which contrasts with her father’s rowdy style, which can help soften rough edges.

“We were fascinated because she was beautiful, polite, calm, and the opposite of her father.

“Her phone calls will always be answered by her father.

During the election campaign, when women accused Mr. Trump of inappropriate behavior, Ivanka and her half-sister, Tiffany, 23, stood by their father.

David Patrick Columbia, who met Ivanka at social functions, predicts that this future first daughter will be loved by America, just like on social networks and the charity sector in New York.

Ivanka and her four brothers are proof of the good parenting of Mr. Trump and his wives.

“I can’t figure out who really influenced him, but she knew when to try and what worked and what didn’t,” Columbia said.

Prepare silently

How powerful will Ivanka Trump become as first daughter in the White House?

Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner will move to Washington, DC when her father Donald Trump takes office as president (Photo: Hello!)

Now that Ivanka is headed to the White House, historians and journalists who study presidential families are wondering what kind of first daughter Ivanka will be.

“During the Watergate political scandal, Julie had a way of balancing emotion with rationality.

Currently, curiosity and speculation in Washington focuses more on Ivanka than her 46-year-old stepmother Melania.

Anita McBride, a former chief of staff to first lady Laura Bush and now working at the School of Public Affairs at American University, said that people are often very interested in America’s first families.

If Ivanka plays the role of hostess at the White House, this would not be the first time in history, even though this happened a long time ago.

In 1802, when the widowed President Jefferson was in the White House, his daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph acted as first lady for two winters.

Ivanka currently has no plans to take on any official job at the White House.

Last week, Ivanka announced on Facebook that she would officially step down from a senior role at the Trump Organization and her own fashion brand.

According to CNN, initial moves indicate that Ivanka will advocate for issues she says she cares about, such as equal wages and paid family leave.

Before the presidential campaign, Ivanka had close relationships with Democratic party members such as Chelsea Clinton, media and entertainment mogul David Geffen or New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

During the transition of power, Ivanka helped Mr. Trump’s team keep in touch with the Democratic Party, meeting with liberal-minded people like Leonardo DiCaprio or former Vice President Al Gore to discuss climate change.

`Mr. Gore thought he met Ivanka, but no, it turned out it was Trump too,` said author Brower.

Has any other recent first daughter been able to do so?


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