‘Rising star’ of the World Economic Forum 2019
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‘Rising star’ of the World Economic Forum 2019

With the surprising withdrawal of President Donald Trump’s US delegation, the Brazilian delegation, led by new President Jair Bolsonaro, is emerging as the most worth-watching highlight at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Current Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (Photo: AFP)

Next Monday, thousands of businesses, politicians and cultural leaders will gather in Davos, Switzerland, to participate in an international leadership event to collaborate and strive.

This year’s 5-day WEF event will take place without the main highlight of last year’s event, after US President Donald Trump suddenly refused to meet with other world leaders at this forum, due to

However, the unfortunate absence of the US President is at the same time a golden opportunity to bring current Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro into the spotlight, less than 3 weeks after his official oath of office.

“Mr. Bolsonaro will become the first head of state from the Latin America region to speak at Davos this year, with the speech expected to last 45 minutes.

“At the time of taking the oath, President Bolsonaro could only speak for only 10 minutes, which means that his advisers must know how to support him in the upcoming moments.

In his first trip since becoming head of Latin America’s largest democracy, President Bolsonaro is scheduled to address WEF attendees on Tuesday morning.

Although it is likely that the Brazilian President will face a number of issues from attendees at the forum in Davos, such as climate change issues or civil rights in Brazil, analysts still say

“By being present at the WEF for the first time and representing an important shift from the left to the right government in the largest country in the Latin American region, President Bolsonara will not hesitate to attract attention.

However, Mr. Wood said that if he does not demonstrate the prestige of a leader in global discussions at Davos, President Bolsonaro will likely `be overshadowed by his counterparts.`

Having won a resounding victory in the General Election last October, President Bolsonaro promised to be the one to `drain the mud` from Brazilian politics and fight against corruption in South America’s largest country.

Considered “tropical Donald Trump” by Brazilian media during the country’s deeply divided election campaign, the 63-year-old new president said he wanted to represent “a country

“His primary focus is to restore Brazil as an attractive investment destination, by proposing free-market reforms and reaffirming his commitment to enact wage reforms.

According to Viet Anh Tien Phong

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