12 Jul, 2024
2 mins read

What will happen to humans if all animals become extinct?

The Earth’s biosphere is a tight system. Animal extinction is not a new ecological phenomenon. However, extinction is a real danger that threatens many living animal species. Climate change (according to the US Geological Survey) includes not only global warming but also increased droughts and natural disasters. The US Council on Foreign Relations reports that […]

3 mins read

What’s in the Vietnamese film that won Cannes 2023 that is longer than 3 hours?

Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell (International title: Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell) attracted attention as the only representative of Vietnamese cinema participating in the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. The work surpassed many strong opponents to win the Caméra d’Or After 3 months, the film was brought back to Vietnam by the distributor to serve domestic […]

1 min read

What’s good about Watch Dogs, the hottest free AAA blockbuster this week?

Future context Let’s start with ctOS, the software system that manages the entire city of near-future Chicago, instead of our main character, Aiden Pearce. But letting a single tool manage an entire huge system like an entire city, for example, in today’s internet age, is the worst idea a person can think of. Returning to […]

3 mins read

What would happen if the Earth’s rotation axis was no longer tilted?

If the Earth’s rotation axis were not tilted (meaning the angle between the Earth’s axis and the ecliptic plane became 90 degrees), our planet would not actually have seasons like it does now. Many people would assume that the duration of sunshine at the same latitude is fixed throughout the year and that temperature fluctuations […]