Director Christopher Nolan’s unique working principles
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Director Christopher Nolan’s unique working principles

Christopher Nolan is one of the most famous directors today, with an extremely attractive name to many big Hollywood stars.

With such great stature, it is clear that not every actor has the opportunity to work with Nolan and appear in public projects.

Cigarettes and cell phones are not allowed

In an interview with Esquire in 2017, Christopher Nolan once shared: `I started producing films from a time when no one used phones on set, when people considered using phones as a crime.

Not only that, Nolan also believes that using the phone during work, even if it’s just to call or text, will greatly affect concentration levels: `They don’t realize they’re wasting energy.`

Kelly Bush Novak, Nolan’s representative, once shared that: `There are only two things that are absolutely prohibited on set, which are cell phones (not always effective) and cigarettes (very effective).

Nolan loves to `hack the brains` of actors

Films with tricky scripts have contributed greatly to creating a name and brand for Christopher Nolan.

Sharing with IndieWire in 2020, Guy Pearce, `Leonard Shelby` of Memento, shared his first feelings when reading the script of this film: `I feel that (Nolan’s) writing style is quite sophisticated. This

Similarly, Leonardo DiCaprio, who has experienced many different types of scripts in his illustrious career, also had to give up because of Inception’s too `twisting` plot.

Prioritize practical effects, extremely limit cinematic effects

Christopher Nolan is famous for being an `old-school` director, which means that for him, if any scenes can be done with practical effects, they will absolutely not use the assistance of film directors.

For example, in the TENET project, Nolan performed the `time-lapse` scenes completely manually.

Always be ready to wear luxurious clothes like the world’s top supermodels

Not only meticulous in terms of content, Christopher Nolan also pays special attention to form, and is known as one of the most stylish film producers both in front and behind the camera lens.

Always on time and loves watches

Nolan rarely arrives late on filming days – Photo: Internet.

From the films Nolan has made, it can be seen that he is a person obsessed with time and the concepts and theories related to it.

Always be ready to record at the actual location

Director Christopher Nolan's unique working principles

Nolan always prioritizes what is most real in his works – Photo: Internet.

As someone who does not like to overuse special effects, it is not difficult to understand that Nolan always prioritizes filming in real locations.

Although such realistic filming may create more inconvenience and difficulty, when looking at the final result, perhaps no one doubts Nolan’s decision.

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